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Meet Dr. Chinwe Okudo

Inspired to Become & Excel is an organization founded by Dr. Chinwe Okudo who is a Doctoral prepared family Nurse Practitioner, psychiatric Mental health Nurse practitioner and a certified Professional life Coach. She is a loving wife and a proud mother to 4 handsome boys! She is a woman that has gone through so many challenging life events, including rejection, domestic violence & abuse…. She was able to overcome all! Reached milestones she was told she could never reach by the help of the one who made the universe! Today she is a success story! She currently leads various non-profit women organizations and runs a thriving private practice Balm of Gilead Health & Wellness Center, LLC located in Baltimore Maryland, where she and her team helps individuals with mental health challenges, and body image needs regain their lives and self-confidence back, and on track to doing great things!

Based on Dr Okudo’s life and professional experiences Inspired to Become & Excel was founded to empower women through education & Coaching, especially those that have overcome or going through various life challenges to become their best and excel! Be it in their career, entrepreneurship, relationships, body image issues, or health & Wellness issues. The goal is to inspire women to discover & maximize their full potentials and Excel!

Our services includes individual & group coaching, Online courses on Entrepreneurship, career building, Self-confidence, body image, health and wellness plus much more.. join us on The Inspired woman inner circle through our membership program or sign up for our courses as they role out! Let’s Inspire U to Become & Excel!

See you on the winning side!

How to succeed as a Woman in business

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    Dr. Chinwe Okudo

    This is my mission

    To empower and equip women globally to arise above their current and past hurts; discover their life purpose, create their own profitable purpose driven lifestyle, business, boost their confidence and enable them to make an impact in the world, as they become all they are called to become & Excel!